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Dividend Previous Years


Dear Shareholder,

Sub: Payment of unpaid Dividend for previous years

During the past financial years, your Company has declared the following dividends since listing of its shares:-

Sr. no Financial Year Interim/ Final Dividend per Share (Rs.) Declaration Date Record Date
1 2015-16 Interim 0.63 04-02-2016 17-02-2016
2 2014-15 Final 0.42 22-09-2015 15-09-2015
3 2014-15 Interim 0.63 05-02-2015 18-02-2015
4 2013-14 Final 0.98 09-09-2014 02-09-2014
5 2012-13 Final 0.96 12-09-2013 05-09-2013
6 2011-12 Final 0.94 03-09-2012 27-08-2013
7 2010-11 Final 0.80 26-08-2011 19-08-2011
8 2009-10 Final 0.60 15-09-2010 02-09-2010

All the Shareholders who were on the Register of Members on the respective record dates are entitled to receive the corresponding dividends.

For the List of Shareholders having Unpaid Dividend for all years, Click here.

Your company has made multiple attempts to dispatch your dividend. In case you were a member on the above record dates and have still not received any of the dividends declared during the above years, you are requested place a request via post/ email/ Fax to the Investor Relations Department or the R&T Agent for payment of unpaid dividends quoting your full Demat Account number comprising of DP ID and Client ID / Folio No. to enable us take prompt action.

The Contact details are as under:-

Investor Relations Department

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent (R&T)

Shri. Soumendra Das
Company Secretary, SJVN Limited
SJVN Corporate Office Complex, Shanan,
Shimla-171006, Himachal Pradesh
Tel. No. +91 177 2660075
Fax No.+91 177 2660071
Email Id:- investor.relations@sjvn.nic.in

Alankit Assignments Limited,

Alankit House, 4E/2 Jhandewalan Extension
New Delhi, Pincode-110055
Tel:+91 11 42541201,
Fax:+91 11 42541201,
Email ID:-info@alankit.com

Thanking you

For SJVN Limited

Soumendra Das
Company Secretary

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