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With the expertise gained over the years with regard to planning, design, construction management, contracts management as well as in other disciplines and also the experience of rectifying problems, particularly those encountered during the construction of such unique and large underground works, a Consultancy Division, headed by a General Manager, has been established which utilizes the expertise gained in an integrated manner from concept to commissioning of the ongoing and future projects of sister organizations, both in public and private sectors. Any consultancy work undertaken by SJVN Limited is completed by a team of experts of the following departments;

1) Civil Designs

  • Dam, Intake and Desilting
  • Power House
  • Water Conductor System
  • Infrastructure Design / Consultancy Deptt.
  • Corporate Geology Deptt.

2) Civil Designs

  • Hydro- Mechanical Designs (M&G)
  • Electro-Mechanical Designs (ECD)


  • Complete designs of Nathpa Jhakri Project covering civil works like concrete gravity dam, Power intakes, desilting arrangements, Water conductor system (HRT etc.) Surge shaft, Valve chamber, pressure shafts, Power house complex (underground), drop shaft, trench weir and other allied works including protection and river training works.
  • Specifications for hydro mechanical works like Gates, Valves and hoists etc.
  • Specifications for Electro mechanical works like generators, turbines, transformers, butterfly valves, SF6 equipments, Control equipments and auxiliary equipments.
  • Contract documents for civil, hydro-mechanical and electro- mechanical works.
  • Specific and typical technical issues/problems encountered during construction of the various components of the project.
  • Efficient Power house operation being achieved through silt management by adopting short & long term measures, on the basis of hydraulic model studies carried out at CWPRS, Pune by
    • Providing blank panels in the trash rack.
    • Reservoir operation i.e. periodical flushing of reservoir.
    • Providing a diversion tunnel at Nathpa dam is under process.
    • Catchment area treatment.


During Construction

  • 200 T capacity cable anchors for stabilization of hill slopes in dam and intake area, the largest capacity provided so far in India.
  • Successfully tackling of hot water with a maximum temperature of 66 degree C encountered in HRT.
  • DRESS Methodology (Drainage Reinforcement – Excavation - Support Solution) to tackle extremely poor ground condition.
  • Fabrication of steel liners of 8.5 m dia inside the tunnel cavern.

During Operation and Maintenances

  • The underwater parts of turbine have been hard coated with Tungsten Carbide based powder with HVOF technique.
  • Indigenization of major turbine components like wear rings, guide vane bushings etc. have been done
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