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Tender Awarded

Sr NoName of WorkDate of NITDate of AwardName of AgencyValue (Rs)Remark
1 Supply, installation and testing of Survey Software. 08/08/2017 22/02/2018 M/s AIMIL Limited, A-8, Naimex House, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044. Rs. 3,24,500/- (Including GST@18%) -
2 Diversion of Sholding Khad water into its Original Natural course after removing the Existing Dyke Coffer Dam and Re Construction of same in front of Intake weir site after lean period Winter season during April May 2018 05/12/2017 22/02/2018 ENN ESS POWER COMPANY PVT Ltd SANDEEP NEGI NEAR ARMY DET VPO BHABHA NAGAR TRH NICHAR KINNAUR 172103 248994 -
3 Construction of Type-A Qtrs, 4 Blocks(24Sets) for CISF in Rampur HPS Colony at Duttnagar Tehsil Rampur, Distt.-Shimla, HP. 02/02/2017 22/02/2018 Vide no :- 6035-40 dated : 22-02-2018 Cancelled -
4 On site Physical verification of fixed assets and Inventory of NJHPS at various location at Jhakri Nathpa and Kotla (PCD-2402) 11/01/2018 21/02/2018 M/s DD Bansal Associates, CA M-304 Dharma Apartment Plot No. 2, IP Extn. Delhi-110092 Rs. 49600/-+ GST as applicable -
5 Supply of fasteners for Turbine system, Power House, NJHPS, Jhakri 11/10/2017 20/02/2018 मेसर्स बावा मोटर वर्क शॉप (M/s Bawa Motor Work Shop) आरके मिशन रोड कनखल हरिद्वार 249408(Rk Mission Road Kankhal Hardwar 249408) Kind Attn.: Mr. Dharam Pal/ Mr. Ashish Sharma Contact No. 09410771257/ 01334246708 E-mail ID: BMW_HWR@YAHOO.COM Fax No.: 01334244751 Rs. 1,05,155/- (Rs. One Lakh Five Thousand One Hundred Fifty Five Only) + GST @18 % -
6 Supply of fasteners for Turbine system, Power House, NJHPS, Jhakri 11/10/2017 20/02/2018 मेसर्स ली हाईड्रालिक्स एंड फास्टनर्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड (M/s Lee Hydraulics And Fasteners Private Limited) प्लॉट संख्या: 201/3, फेज-II, आईडीए चेरलापल्ली (Plot No: 201/3, Phase-II, Ida Cherlaplly) आर०आर० जिला-हेदराबाद-500051, तेलंगना (R.R. Dist., Hyderabad-500051, Telangana) Kind Attn.: Mr. K Raghavendra/ Mr. CH Venkatesh Contact No. 09700693659/ 09391041887 E-mail ID: info@leefasteners.in Fax No.: 040-29802381 Rs. 1,62,000/- (Rs. One Lakh Sixty Two Thousand Only) + GST @18 % -
7 Supply of fasteners for Turbine system, Power House, NJHPS, Jhakri 11/10/2017 20/02/2018 मेसर्स एस० के० सेल्स कंपनी, (M/s S. K. Sales Company) शास्त्री मार्केट, जालंधर-144001 (Shastri Market, Jalandhar -144001) Kind Attn.: Mr. Mohit Sood Contact No. 09815431020 E-mail ID: sksalescompany@gmail.com Fax No.: 01812459714 Rs. 28,000/- (Rs. Twenty Eight Thousand Only) + GST @18 % -
8 Hiring of Consultant for preparation of Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plan of Sunni Dam HEP (355 MW) 20/11/2017 16/02/2018 RS Envirolink Technologies Pvt. Ltd. INR 814200 (inclusive of all taxes) -
9 Purchase Order for “Supply of ENERPAC make hydraulic rubber hose wire braided, repair seal kit & hydraulic oil for APM 2017-18, Power House, NJHPS, Jhakri” PPR-1586(O&M)/2017. - 15/02/2018 मेसर्स ए० एस० बीयरिंग कंपनी { M/s A S Bearing Company} चंडीगढ़ अंबाला हाइवे {Chandigarh Ambala Highway }. ऑपोज़िट सुखमणि ईंजीयरिंग कॉलेज डेराबसी { Opp Sukhmani Engg College Dearbassi} एसएएस नगर मोहाली, 140507 (पंजाब){SAS Nagar Mohali, 140507 (Pb)} Kind Attn. Mr. Hakam Singh/ Mr. Amandeep Singh M. No. 8699025715/9316203536 E-mail ID: cs1@asbearing.co.in Rs. 6,64,507 (Rs. Six Lac Sixty Four Thousand Five Hundred Seven Only) + GST Single/Nomination:OEM/OES
10 Supply, Installation and commissioning of Audio System for Conference room of Power House and Monal Bhawan of Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station (PPR-NJHPS-1580) 22/07/2017 13/02/2018 मैसेजज एमबीडी टेक्नोलॉजीज प्राइवेट हलहमटे ड (M/s MVD, Technologies Pvt. Limited), 202, कृ ष्णा काम्प्लेक्स (202, Krishna Complex), 52A िसनपुर आई पी एक्सटेंशन, हदल्ली-110092 (52A Hasanpur IP Extension, Delhi-110092), 15,58,051/ -
11 Repair/Replacement of non-working crack meters installed at Surge Shaft, Power House and MPBX of Desilting Chamber in NJHPS Nathpa” PCD-663(O&M)/2017”. (pcd-njhps-663) - 13/02/2018 िैसेर्ज़ प्रोग्रेलसव िशीन टू ल्स (M/s Progressive Machine Tools), 5, इंडस्ट्स्टियि एस्टेट, जगदीशपलत (5, Industrial Estate, Jagdishpatti), जौनपुर- 222002(उ.प्र.) {Jaunpur-222002 (UP)}. 5,55,540/- -
12 Letter of Award for “Supply and installation of Automatic Rescue Device (ARD), doors and False Ceiling for lifts of Power House NJHPS, SJVN Ltd. Jhakri, {PPR-1595(O&M)/2017} - 13/02/2018 मेसर ओटिस एलिवेटर कंपनी (इंडिया) लिमिटेड(M/s Otis Elevator Company (India ) Ltd.,} चोथी मंजिल सो शेरिल विल्ला नजदीक ईस्ट एनएच-22{4th Floor, So Sheril Villa Near East NH-22} पंथघाटी शिमला हिमाचल प्रदेश-171009{Panthaghati Shimla H.P.-171009} Contact No. 8968737048/8054805416 Kind Attn: Mr. Yog Raj Verma /Mr. Prem Singh Puria E-mail ID: yog.raj@otis.com ₹10,99,852/-(Rupees Ten Lacs Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Two Only) Single/Nomination:OEM/OES
13 Analysis of Instrumentation Data of Dam, Dam area, Desilting Complex, Power House Complex, TRT Outfall area and Surge Shaft area of NJHPS for a period of two years - 13/02/2018 M/s NIRM, Bengaluru Rs. 47,40,567/- + GST @18% Single/Nomination:Deposit work
14 Procurement of Electrical/Hardware Consumable items for GIS/Pot Head Yard Section of Rampur HPS, SJVN Limited, Bayal, Distt. Kullu (HP) (PPR(O&M)-RHPS-330). 06/12/2017 13/02/2018 M/s Shree India Engineering Company, F-27, 1st Floor, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi-110016 4,08,438/- -
15 Quotation for Procurement of material for repair of various Air Conditioners installed at Rampur HPS, Distt. Kullu (HP) PPR-RHPS-795 16/12/2017 12/02/2018 M/s Rana & Company Services, Shop No. 697, Sector-45, Burail, Chandigarh-160017 54,648/- -
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